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What goes into an extremely well done exterior house painting experience? Well we can’t tell you what other’s do, but we can tell you what we do and what we do very well.


The most important step in exterior house painting does not involve a paintbrush but rather paint scraping tools. Preparing the surface prior to painting your home will make or break your paint job.


Painting the exterior of your Edgewater MD house over a dirty surface is like building a house on a bad foundation, and that's never been a good idea. We Wash to make sure your paint surface is clean, dry, free from grease, oils and flaking or loose paint we either power wash or hand wash to remove dirt and mildew and everything else. Should any mildew be present, we will hand wash the area with TSP or a cleaning solution. Power Washing removes all loose dirt, mildew, and chalking paint to provide a firm base for the finish coat to grab onto.


Preparation: We scrape all loose paint and make sure all glossy areas are scuffed and sanded. All gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion. Regardless of if your home is brick, stucco, and concrete or has either aluminum or hardboard siding, we are completely prepared to prime it using only the finest materials.  It is only after a well-done priming can the paint be applied. Priming exposed areas, prior to the finish coat, is essential for a paint job to last. Wood and other materials are subject to a daily assault from the elements on the outside of your house and from constant contact with human and pet activity on the interior. The best way to prevent the degradation of the structure of your house is to create a barrier.


Paint: We work with you to choose colors that complement surrounding properties. We emphasize the attractive features of your home: the front door, shutters, stone foundation, or other positive areas. Then blend in details that aren’t as special like gutters or the chimney.


We work to bring out the richest colors for your Edgewater MD home. Contrast is a key ingredient of a successful color scheme. Look at dark trim for lighter homes, soft trim for dark homes, and neutral trim for bright houses.


A finish coat will then be added and provide you with the color and gloss level you desire. The finish coat also provides protection from the elements and ultra violet rays that weather your home.


Clean up:  Cleaning is done daily, as well as at the completion of our work. Paint chips are removed and all our materials are packed up and stored neatly. When the project is completed and the paint has fully dried, we remove all protective coverings from the project area and re-attach items such as address numbers and light fixtures.


Inspection After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work. We invite all feedback and want to leave you feeling completely satisfied.


One of life’s most pleasant rewards is the pride of standing in front of your freshly painted Edgewater MD home, hands on hips, taking it all in. It’s a feeling of immense contentment, seeing everything clean and tidy, in colors that you really like, and all the work finally complete.

Many homes only need the exterior trim painted. We offer the best Sq Ft Pricing In Edgewater MD

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MHIC LIC #108209

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